Geometry - MathMadeEasy


Many students find it hard to deal with all the geometric figures and concepts that they are expected to master. Math Made Easy tutorial dvd's provide colorful and illustrative graphics which help students learn and visualize geometric patterns and concepts.

5 Interactive Dvds.

Geometry Dvd Series Features:

  • Engaging, interactive geometry lessons which hold your attention.
  • Simplification of complex topics by breaking them into bite-sized pieces
  • Review of lessons as many times as necessary until "it clicks"
  • Colorful graphics that help students visualize mathematical concepts

Cut Geometry Study Time in Half and Get Twice the Results

Provides the perfect geometry help tool. Excellent for review and test prep. With as little as thirty minutes per day with Math Made Easy, you'll master Geometry in thirty days!

This Software Covers Following Topics

  • Introductory Concepts; Points and lines; Analytic Geometry; The Coordinate Plane, Distance, Midpoints, Slope, Equations of lines.
  • Deduction and Formal Proofs; Polygons; Introduction to Triangles; Angles of a Triangle; Area of a Triangle.
  • More About Triangles: Right triangles - Pythagorean Theorem; Congruent Triangles; Similar Triangles.
  • Quadrilaterals: Trapezoids, Parallelograms, Rectangles, Rhombuses, Squares; Perimeters and Areas; Additional Throrems.
  • Circles; Lines Associated with Circles: Radius, Diameter, Chord, Tangent, Secant; the Equation of a Circle; Angles Associated with a Circle; Area and Circumference.