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Hourly Online Tutoring

Hourly  Online Tutoring
$50 $40.00
You save 20%
or 3 easy payments of $13.99

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Hourly One-On-One Online Tutoring

Math Made Easy provides customized one-on-one tutoring in all math subjects ranging from arithmetic to calculus. Students learn in their own individual manner. The philosophy and practice of Math Made Easy is to customize the tutoring sessions to the learning style of each individual student. Math Made Easy tutors are caring, patient and dedicated to achieving success for every single student.

Learn With Experienced Friendly Tutoring Experts

Every Math Made Easy tutor has extensive tutoring experience, has passed a rigorous selection process, and has an advanced degree and specialized training in math. In addition to extensive subject knowledge, our caring and patient tutors are experts in communicating complex math concepts in simple terms.

How It Works

Our state of the art whiteboard technology enables active two-way audio and visual communication between student and tutor. This means that both can read, write, hear and see in real time. The student sees the tutor via webcam. All work is saved in the student’s notebook for easy reference.

High Impact Tutoring Sessions with Same Day Scheduling

We offer high impact 30 minute tutorial sessions. Tutors focus on student weakness and do continuous assessment to measure individual progress. Students have the option of scheduling regular weekly sessions or sessions around exams and homework assignments.

Fast Results

You will be amazed by the quick results that you will see in your student’s achievement.

  • 87% raised their next test score 10 points or more
  • 78% raised their math grade at least one level
  • 59% raised their math grade two or more levels
  • 92% went from failing to passing math

All at an Affordable Price

Private in-home tutors are expensive. The process of finding the right tutor can be time-consuming and frustrating. Math Made Easy’s talented roster of tutors is at your disposal. You choose your tutor - and build a relationship with the tutor of your choice - from our group of professional staff at a fraction of the cost of in-home tutors.

Tutorial Channel tutors take pride in helping students get higher grades, build confidence and increase self-esteem. That is why our results are so outstanding!

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or three easy payments of $13.99

Customer Reviews:

Leslie Perot  (Tuesday, 25 June 2013)
Rating: 5
Hi Tom, Danny and I were talking about summer and tutoring. He wants a break this summer but I feel that he needs to continue, so as not to lose the good progress that he (with your help) has made. So if you are going to be available for tutoring this summer I want Danny to be able to work with you. If you aren't going to be available I understand but I won't change to another tutor at this point. Danny really likes you and you have done wonders in not only helping him understand the material but in boosting his confidence. He had all but given up. This past April, his teacher, assistant principle and myself were sure that he would be needing to repeat this course the next school year and go to summer school. But in the short time available for you to work together you not only brought his grade up but he also passed his state exam! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Just think of what can be accomplished if you can work with him for the whole school year. Have a great summer and hopefully Danny can work with you next week.

l. harden  (Tuesday, 25 June 2013)
Rating: 5
Tom, Great News! Connor had his SOL in Math today and he passed. Don't know the score yet, but he did pass. I know your help was what allowed that to happen. I can't thank you enough. I know I feel a huge load off my heart and I'm sure Connor feels the same. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Have a good weekend and he'll talk with you Tues.

Sandra.C  (Thursday, 18 October 2012)
Rating: 5
This is a great service, at a reasonable price. It took about 15 minutes to get used to the online whiteboard, but after that it was really great. The tutors are top notch, they are very friendly, and the scheduling is easy and flexible. They also give you the option of using the same tutor every time, which is really nice.

Collier  (Thursday, 18 October 2012)
Rating: 5
I have used Math Made Easy to tutor my 3 children, elementary and high school. I can schedule lessons easily and the tutors are excellent. They know the material and my children love working with them. And you can't beat the price. I would definitely recommend this tutoring service.

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