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Andre Lawe

I have over 14 years of educational experience ranging from classroom teacher of Mathematics and Science to Curriculum Development. I have a student centered approach which enables me to utilize various strategies to strengthen students' understanding of the concepts. A patient attitude and a commitment to helping all students reach their potential have enabled me to guide many of my students to success in math.

I am a graduate of Columbia University where I majored in Chemistry and Mathematics with a minor in Psychology. In addition, I have earned three graduate degrees: a Masters in Science in mathematics at Texas A& M University, a Masters of Education at Jones International University and a Master of Science. I have recently completed my Doctoral Studies in Education at St. Johns University.

Ruby Castanos

I have taught middle school mathematics in New York City for the last four years. I started my tutoring career many years ago, working for some of the largest tutoring companies in New York and joined Math Made Easy in 2008. I believe that the key to my success with Math Made Easy is the ability to help students develop confidence in their math aptitude. I have derived special gratification from Math Made Easy students who have worked from elementary school through high school. I have been able to help them regular homework assignments as well as with midterm and final test preparation.

I have a Bachelors' degree in Mathematics and was the recipient of a full four-year government scholarship. I graduated with honors (Cum Laude). I hold a Master's degree in Business Administration as well as substantial coursework towards a Master's degree in Applied Statistics.

Leonard Ogelbi

In the pursuit of my undergraduate degree in Engineering, I realized that I had a passion and unique ability to teach Math, Physics and other engineering classes. Since my days in college I have met so many people who had severe stress and anxiety relating to math in particular. Whenever I teach and tutor, my goal is to eradicate that fear and make the students believe that they have the talent and intelligence to master math.

I have been tutoring for nearly a decade with my students have ranging from as young as age 10 years old to adults in their 40s. I have dealt with students of all levels including those termed with LD (learning disability). Ultimately, I care about the success of all of my students and helping them conquer their fears of math.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession; having attained my A.S, B.S and M.S degrees from SUNY Nassau and NYiT respectively.

Marty Klein

I have been teaching special education students for more than 3 years. I earned a BA in liberal arts studies from Thomas Edison State College of NJ and a masters in Special Education from Pace University of NY. My work with special students has given me unique insights in how doors to achievement can be opened to all students, even those challenged by various handicaps. At Math Made Easy I have worked with all kinds of students, those needing just a brush up before exam time, as well as chronically weak students. I find that my students like the idea of working on line where they can choose the time and place of the lessons so that the sessions do not conflict with any of their favorite activities. I encourage my students to ask questions and tell them never to feel embarrassed if there is something they do not understand.

Bonita Graham

I am a Ph.D. Candidate at Wesleyan University, working in number theory. I have taught at various Colleges including SUNY at Oswego, NY and the University of New Haven in Connecticut.

I have been tutoring for over a decade, working with students one-on-one or in group settings. I enjoy helping students to see a mathematical concept in a new way and help them become comfortable with an idea which formerly seemed very challenging.

Tom Roselli

My name is Tom Roselli and I have been an educator for twenty-five years. During this time I have worked with students K-12 and college in all levels of mathematics. During this time I was a Mathematics Department Chair for thirteen years, a Dean of Students and an Academic Dean.

I consider it a privilege to work in education. My focus has been always been to help students think critically. Although there are skills that need to be learned in math class, it is important for the students to know the "how" and "why" when problem solving. In my experience, success in math is about application rather than just memorization. My experience with Math Made Easy has been tremendous. Their interactive program allows you to find each students’ strengths and also help them improve where necessary.

Anne Jaron

I am a graduate of City College of CUNY and a member of Phi Beta Kappa Gamma Chapter at City University. I received a Master's degree from Columbia University and did further graduate work at Brooklyn College of CUNY. I am a New York State certified high school math teacher and have worked for various educational institutions, both high school and undergraduate for many years in addition to extensive tutoring.

I take special joy with my younger students at Math Made Easy where I am able to show them that math can be fun and creative. I try to give them tricks in arithmetic and basic skills so that they can get to the answers in the quickest possible way.

Aleshe Grant

I believe that advancements in education are an absolutely invaluable resource with unlimited possibilities. I wish to utilize my own enthusiasm and love for the scientific process to embolden students to form their own analytical and problem solving skills, as this will transcend beyond the classroom, strengthen confidence, and ultimately make them better prepared to face real-world scenarios.

I am currently in my 4th year of the PhD program at Mount Sinai Medical School and have reached a point where I have a little more free time and would love to use my abilities to spread scientific knowledge to those seeking it.

Patience and understanding are key drivers in facilitating a successful tutoring relationship. Every student is unique and therefore has unique needs; but every student absolutely possesses the capacity for knowledge, regardless of needs. It is important to identify these needs and then shape the tutoring structure around them. I like to understand how the student is being taught in school and issues or concerns they have about the material being covered. I then tailor a tutoring plan for that student's needs. The integration of the tutoring topics with plenty of practice and real-world application is absolutely necessary in order to fully master the material.

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