Pre-Algebra - Original Series

5 interactive DVDs Grades 7-8
  • Builds a solid foundation for high school algebra
  • Stimulating practice exercises build student confidence and mastery
  • Real life examples and word problems enable students to relate to this new subject
  • Helps students prepare and review for exams
$289.95 $79.95 You Save: $210.00

Fractions Decimals Percents & Word Problems - original series

5 interactive DVDs Grades 5-6

"My child could never get the concept of fractions until I got him the Math Made Easy DVD series which visually illustrated fractions with real life examples!"
Barabara Thomas, Mom, Indiana

$289.95 $79.95 You Save: $210.00

Algebra 1 - original series

5 interactive DVDs Grade 9
  • Simplifies complex concepts by breaking them into bite-sized pieces
  • Comprehensive review of algebra
  • Step-by-step presentation which eliminates student confusion
  • Great for exam prep
$289.95 $79.95 You Save: $210.00