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Mastering Algebra

The absolute value of a real number is its numerical value without regard to its sign. So, for example, 3 is the absolute value of both 3 and -3. This is a key concept in the study of Algebra.

Need help with algebra? You are not alone! Algebra is one of the most difficult subjects for many students, even those who are normally high achievers. There is some good news: once a student becomes familiar with the special "language" of algebra, it can become one of the easiest, and even most enjoyable, things for them to do!

Algebra is based on a special kind of logic--once it clicks in students' heads, it becomes easy to apply to any type of problem. The trouble is, some students learn best at different paces, and in different environments, than others. For many, a 45-minute classroom session, surrounded by the distractions of their peers, is simply not the ideal way to learn.

Even if students pay close attention in class, they are liable to miss a lesson or a portion of a lesson for any number of reasons. And since math works like a chain, with one concept leading to the next, a "missed link" causes subsequent material to stop making sense. With Math Made Easy's innovative program of DVDs, students no longer feel embarrassed when they need to have a concept repeated to them. They simply rewind the disc to hear the information explained again!

Our sister site, TutorialChannel.com, is the perfect companion to our DVDs, allowing users to download free practice tests, chart their progress, receive live help from online tutors, and watch streaming videos of algebra lessons. Our system guides students step-by-step through each concept, targeting weak areas while building overall comprehension. With all these tools at their disposal, even students currently receiving very poor or failing grades in algebra can earn As and Bs. Call 1-888-MATH-HELP, and receive your free consultation today!

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