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1st degree algebraic equations

Algebra jtters? Equation phobia? Don't let your fear of unkowns keep you from succeeding at this gateway to career success! This important subject is the entry to study for many careers. Algebra is basic in solving math problems in your personal life, too, no matter what you do for a living.

We all learn in different ways. Some people learn best in a social situation, like a classroom, while others can focus better in a one-to-one situation in whcih they write, read, talk and hear at the same time. We offer an integrated system of learning which exercises your sight, hearing, hands and brain all at the same time.

Even if students pay close attention in class, they are liable to miss an important concept. Sometimes an unexplained word or examples that are too advanced make it hard to learn what comes next. Our system of integrating videos and tutoring gives you a chance to learn at your own pace with examples that suit your personal level - all with the in-person help of our professional tutors.

Our sister site,, is the perfect companion to our DVDs, allowing users to download free practice tests, chart their progress, receive live help from online tutors, and watch streaming videos of algebra lessons. Our system guides students step-by-step through each concept, targeting weak areas while building overall comprehension. With all these tools at their disposal, even students currently receiving very poor or failing grades in algebra can improve and succeed where other methods have failed. Call 1-888-MATH-HELP, and receive your free consultation today! Math Help is a phone call away!

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