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Ways to turn your child into a prodigy

Everyone wants the best for their kids. They want them to be the brightest and the best. They want to give them the best chance of succeeding at life. By exposing them to things, you increase the chances of this happening. People begin this process in utero. Many people have been known to play music to a baby while it is still in the womb. Headphones are placed on the mother's belly and classical music is played. It isn't really known if there is any actual merit to this. Classical music is a popular trend and people do it once the child is born. They play classical music to the baby while he or she is sleeping in the crib. Again you can do this but it's not confirmed whether or not it actually achieves anything. If nothing else, it's soothing and should assist in putting your child to sleep. Baby Einstein believes in the merits of classical music and has a whole series of DVDs where music is combined with images, sounds and numbers. There is a bit of controversy about these and whether or not they actually accomplish anything. Again there is no right or wrong and if you would like it for your child than go for it. Then again, there are some parents who don't let their kids watch television. Once a child is a bit older, you have more options at your disposal.

Math: If you want to help them with numbers and math, things such as online bingo and online snakes and ladders can help them. They learn to identify numbers as well as basic addition and subtraction. This can really help them. Games are a great way to teach. Words games help them with the alphabet and how to spell.

Spelling is something which is critical to a child's education and their literacy. At an early age, you want them to be on their way to reading and writing. Books play a big part in this. You have to read to them and instil in them a real love for literature. A kid who doesn't like books when they are 4-5 isn't likely to be any more enthusiastic for books when they are 15-16. This is just the way that things work.

If you want to assist them with their co-ordination and things of a physical nature than there a number of things you can do to help them. After all, Tiger Woods was already swinging a gold club by age 3. Throwing balls to them and getting them to throw and catch will help them with their hand-eye co-ordination. If you want them to play soccer, get them to start kicking with both feet. Giving them a grasp of the fundamentals at such a young age with aid them immeasurably. The common element with most successes is that they started at a young age. Swimmers, gymnasts and tennis players were already doing what they were doing by a very age. If you don't start something by the age of 15 it might not be too late but it's going to be a struggle. You don't know if online bingo or classical music does anything, but it's better than nothing.

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