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Geometry (grades 9-11)

Geometry (grades 9-11)
$239.95 $107.98
You save 55%
or 3 easy payments of $36.99

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This series of 5 DVDs provides a comprehensive teacher-led review of geometry with step-by-step instruction. The DVDs convey the material in a clear and visual format that ensures a thorough understanding of geometry. The DVDs illustrate the concepts of geometry utilizing charts, diagrams and moving color graphics. These interactive applications enable students to learn the geometry concepts through visualization in a dynamic and engaging way.

The geometry program was developed by renowned educators using proven methods of simplifying the geometry concepts and breaking them down into step-by-step building blocks. The program builds a foundation of the essential geometry concepts and gradually expands on that foundation by introducing new variations and applications. The DVDs are replete with interactive exercises which enable students to gain confidence and practice while learning the material.

This program is ideal for clarification of material learned in school as well as for home schooling and general review. Math Made Easy has helped thousands of students dramatically improve their grades, test scores, and overall confidence in geometry

What Makes Math Made Easy Tutorial Programs So Effective?

The MATH MADE EASY programs are a unique combination of step-by-step instruction which are designed by creative and experienced mathematicians and approved by math educators nationwide. They are enhanced by colorful computer graphics and real life applications. Used by millions of students all across America in schools and homes, the MATH MADE EASY program can be the foundation of success in math and in life!

"Very good visual and verbal presentations. For many students, learning and seeing the explanation just one more time is very valuable." National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

"It's obvious from the immediate, positive response to your program from the time we first started using it that it is an excellent and effective program for presenting the fundamentals of math. We feel the positive response will continue to grow." Robert J. Sestill Director of Programming, The Learning Channel

."Finally! A math tutorial that can truly replace fear with motivation and understanding with a very special & enjoyable approach." Rona Miles, M.S. Ed., New York State, Math regents teacher and parent

Math Made Easy Programs Feature:

  • Simplification of complex topics into easy to understand compact lessons
  • Colorful computer graphics which help students visualize geometry concepts
  • Extensive interactive exercises that give students 'hands on practice' with a large variety of problems
  • 'Real life math applications' which make geometry 'come alive'
  • An emphasis on the critical underlying geometry concepts
  • Free access to Math Made Easy Testing Site with hundreds of practice tests to measure your progress

Ideal for general review and test preparation. With as little as thirty minutes per day with Math Made Easy, you'll master Geometry in thirty days!

  • 87% raised their math grade at least one level
  • 59% raised their math grade two or more levels
  • 92% went from failing to passing math

Special Bonus!

Purchase Math Made Easy's Geometry Series and receive Free Access to Math Made Easy Testing Sites with hundreds of practice tests to measure your progress!

$239.95 $107.98 You Save: 55.00%
or three easy payments of $36.99

Customer Reviews:

Synthia.R  (Monday, 06 October 2014)
Rating: 4
These dvd programs did wonders for my 10th grader. She was failing her geometry class, and now is getting A's and B's. The dvds explain the concepts very clearly and give a lot of graphic exercises, which are explained step by step. Not flashy, but all in all a great buy.

Zack32  (Sunday, 28 October 2012)
Rating: 4
This software was easy to follow. Great illustrations. It put me back on the right track in my geometry course. A little slow at times but overall I would give the a 9 out of 10. Everything is covered in depth and completely so you get your money's worth.

Keneth Farber  (Thursday, 18 October 2012)
Rating: 5
Nothing fancy, but these dvds absolutely work. Both my kids used the dvds to help them with geometry and both excelled because of them. I think the reason there so effective is they are very straightforward, and comprehensive. Just teaching the material and no gimmicks.

Maryanne  (Thursday, 18 October 2012)
Rating: 5
As a teacher in a parochial school, I often introduce new subjects on screen with Math Made Easy dvds. I have found the format easy to understand and students catch on very fast. They enthusiastically interact with the on screen presentation by calling out the answers. I would recommend these dvds to any parent of a child who is having trouble in math.

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