Probability and Statistics Part 1

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Non mathematics majors are often required to take probability and statistics which is a formidable course that introduces many new concepts and challenging problems.

Math Made Easy's probability and statistics series contains 2 dvds and deals with all the difficult material using easy to follow explanations and lots of worked out problems. Topics like standard deviation and binomial distribution are easy to master with the lucid presentations and reinforcing examples. If a student views these programs and follow the examples shown here they will be able to adequately prepare for exams and achieve excellent grades.

What Makes Math Made Easy Tutorial Programs So Effective?

The MATH MADE EASY programs are a unique combination of step-by-step instruction which are designed by creative and experienced mathematicians and approved by math educators nationwide. They are enhanced by colorful computer graphics and real life applications. Used by millions of students all across America in schools and homes, the MATH MADE EASY program can be the foundation of success in math and in life!

"Very good visual and verbal presentations. For many students, learning and seeing the explanation just one more time is very valuable." National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

"It's obvious from the immediate, positive response to your program from the time we first started using it that it is an excellent and effective program for presenting the fundamentals of math. We feel the positive response will continue to grow." Robert J. Sestill Director of Programming, The Learning Channel

."Finally! A math tutorial that can truly replace fear with motivation and understanding with a very special & enjoyable approach." Rona Miles, M.S. Ed., New York State, Math regents teacher and parent

Math Made Easy Programs Feature

With as little as thirty minutes per day with Math Made Easy, you'll master Probability and Statistics in thirty days!

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Purchase Math Made Easy's Probability and Staistics Part 1 Series and receive Free Access to Math Made Easy Testing Sites with hundreds of practice tests to measure your progress!

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